Yuno Gasai
Character intro Yuno




Future Diary (2006)

Appears in

Smash Bros Lawl X





Played By

Tomosa Murata





Moveset Music

Yousei Teikoku -Kuusou Mesorogiwi Mirai Nikki Original Soundtrack Vol. 2: Track 10

'Yuno Gasai is the main female protagonist of Future Diary series.


Neutral B - Knife Deflector

Yuno takes out a knife that she'll keep as long as you hold down B. While holding the knife you can't move. Touching the front of her while she's doing this will cause damage. If a projectile hits the front of her while she's doing this, she'll deflect it. However it will be deflected in a random direction.

Side B - Rock Distraction

Yuno throws a rock. This will not damage any opponents as it flies past them but it may distract them. How long they get distracted depends on how low their IQ is.

Up B - Glomp Dive

Yuno will jumps up and go down into a hugging dive. If she lands on someone, she'll grab them. Yuno will keep grabbing the opponent unless the player presses something, the opponent presses A repeatedly to escape or if another opponent attacks. Escaping won't do damage to Yuno.

Down B - Grenade Threat

Yuno takes out a grenade. In this state she cannot move and she cannot cancel the move. If an opponent attacks her, she'll throw the grenade at the opponent which will cause them 50%. However, by pressing B, Yuno can set the grenade off herself which will cause 50% to anyone that's close her (including herself)

Final Smash - God Mode

Yuno gets in God Mode, in which you can control her in a similar way to Super Sonic, but slower. At the same time, a giant ball will appear over her, causing damage to anyone who touches it. If you move Yuno to the Giant Ball, she'll enter it and make it fall to the ground, instant KO'ing whoever was under it.


KOSFX1: *screams like a siren*

KOSFX2: "Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Star KOSFX: "Yunooooooo"

Screen KOSFX: "Yukkii!"


Down Taunt- (chuckle)

Side Taunt- (Manic Laugh)

Up Taunt- BaaaKA!

Victory Options+Failure/Clap

Note: If you hold down A and B, the opponent that lost will be replaced with the words "DEAD END"

1. "I'll protect you, Yukkii..."

2. "Because...Yukkii, if you get alone with this girl, you might fall in love with her."

3. *laughs maniacally as she sees the results and the opponent through televisions*

Failure/Clap: Insanity

Character Description


Role In The Subspace Emissary



Smash Bros lawl X Character Moveset - Yuno-0

Smash Bros lawl X Character Moveset - Yuno-0

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