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Digital Devil Saga (2005)

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl X




Offensive (Heavy Zoner [Human Form], Grappler [Varuna Form])

Rival / Sista

Jen Masterson

Serph is is the leader of the Embryon and the main protagonist from Digital Devil Saga. He's also the 1st fighter in Lawl X.

Entrance - Enter Outside the Room

Serph exits a room (i guess?).


(As Human)

Neutral B - Gun Shooting

Serph shoots. Very simple. If the control stick is tilted-down after pressing B, Serph shoots three times in a row at the cost of more endlag.

Side B - Command Shooting

Serph summons his comrades to shoot forward. They'll stay in their position for 5 seconds before disappearing, and can't be resummoned in a different spot while they're already out. They also won't shoot opponents unless they're on the ground.

Up B - Fly Cielo Fly

Serph uses Cielo as a pilot to travel to above. They can fly for up to 20 seconds, but are very slow horizontally, making them easy targets. They can also ram-into other opponents if they want.

Down B - Transform

Serph transforms into a Varuna. Takes a long time so be careful.

(as Varuna)

Neutral B - Blade Attacks

Serph slices. Holding B can perform 3 slices in a row at the cost of more startup lag. It's very similar to his Human Neutral-B, but more damage at the cost of much less range.

Side B - Bufu

Serph freezes opponents within-range for 3 seconds, or until they're harmed by a smash attack.

Up B - Jump Attack

Serph leaps through the air to attack. It deals more damage if it hits opponents from above.

Down B - Transform Back

Serph transforms back into a human. Still takes a long time so be careful.

Final Smash - Berserk

Serph's arm grows, and now he can do a massive hit with his arm that has some startup lag but does really big damage.

KO Sounds

  • KO #2: "aaaaugg!"
  • Star KO: "AAAAAHHH*slice*-"
  • Screen KO: "UAH-"


Up Taunt - He looks away from the screen, then looks toward his right.

Side Taunt - Points toward the Screen.

Down Taunt - Blinks.

Victories & Loss

Vic #1: *Nods once*

Vic #2: *Hugs somebody*

Vic #3: *Roars to the sky as a Varuna*

Loss: *Lies straight-upwards on the ground*


Game Grump Codec

Danny: So who’s this guy?

Arin: That’s Serph. He’s from Digital Devil Saga.

Danny: I’ve never even heard of that game. Have you?

Arin: No.

Danny: Well then.

Arin: All I know is that he shoots a lot and he turns into a monster that can freeze people so watch out.

Danny: Got it!


Smash Bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Serph-1

Smash Bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Serph-1

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