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"I am Maaary, I am Maaary..."




Ib (2012)

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl







Moveset Music

Ib - Puppet

Special Moves

Neutral B: Veins of Fury

When pressing B, Mary charges up her energy for a slash of her palette knife, with a vein that she follows if it connects. There are 8 directions where she can perform this attack. The longer the vein is when it connects with an opponent, the stronger it is. This also works in midair. She's immune to attacks and traps when attacking. Mary's slash can't be shielded and instead must be dodged.

Move Origin

Near the end of Ib, when Ib and Garry end up in her origin room, Mary catches sight of them trespassing. Outraged, she pulls out her palette knife and veins spread from her feet.

Side B: Doodle Dimentia

Mary doodles a small drawing that is harmless to the touch, unless she draws on an opponent, paralyzing him or her. How long it lasts varies on the doodle, ranging from 1-3 seconds. This gives her an advantage to use her neutral B from its max distance, and she cheers when it connects. There can be one at a time.

Move Origin

Throughout the game, Mary states that she loves to doodle with crayons, and her realm is crudely sketched. In her dimension, there's a box called "Pandora's Box"; when Ib and Garry open it up, eight symbols appear and spread out to different locations, and they are required to solve a puzzle to pass. These eight symbols are the doodles she sketches for her side special.

Up B: Fallen Star

This move requires a doodle on the field. When pressing up B, a doodle will transform into a rising star, which goes in the direction that Mary's in, and she'll hitch it for a ride. The star itself damages, but it does no damage when Mary's riding.

Move Origin

When entering Mary's realm, the player will come across a shooting star. There are also crude sketches of shooting stars.

Down B: Reality Butcher

This move also requires a doodle on the field. Pressing down B brings Mary into an activation pose, and in it, she has 8 directions for her doodle. In those 8 directions, objects like axes will be shot from the drawing, with the upper 3 directions being affected by gravity, and the downward directions dealing more damage.

Move Origin

Also while entering Mary's realm, the player will encounter two objects dropped vertically that will damage him or her.

Final Smash: LEEEEEeeeEEEeeAVE!

Releasing her anger, Mary sticks out 8 veins in all directions, and she slashes her palette knife at the unlucky victims that got caught in one.

Move Origin

See the Move Origin for Veins of Fury.


  • Side Taunt: Mary cuddles with one of the creepy dolls.
  • Down Taunt: Mary waves her palette knife and creepily rambles to herself.
  • Up Taunt: Mary looks at her rose.

Victory Options/Losing Pose

  • Victory #1: Mary stabs a mannequin head cheerfully.
  • Victory #2: Mary runs around like a lunatic.
  • Victory #3 (done with whomever was in second place): The Fabricated World notions the second placed character to come to her dimension.
  • Losing: An angry Mary burns to ashes.

Victory Theme

A fragment of Mary's theme.

Character Description

SPOILER ALERT: It is highly recommended you play Ib before reading forward; you'll be spoiling a great story if you don't.

Mary is one of the main characters of the RPG maker horror Ib. At one point of the game, she meets up with Ib and Garry, accompanying them on their journey to leave the painting world. However, it is later revealed that she is not human; rather, she is one of Guertena's paintings come to life, wishing to live a normal life in the real world.

Character Ranking

Mary Weight Walking Speed Dashing Speed Air Speed Falling Speed Jump 1 Jump 2
MaryRanking 72 [35] 1.18 [28] 2.65 [8] 1.65 [14] 1.20 [10-12] 2.00 [1] 1.65 [8]
Classic Rank Horniness Patience Weird Ego IQ Darkness Social Class
Top 0s [33-37] 3.6s [36] 1.1s [6] 23 N/A N/A N/A

Codec Conversations

Snake Codec

Snake: That girl, with the knife. Looks like she can snap at any moment! I don't even wanna get near her!

Mei Ling: Snake, she's like that because she comes from a world of solitude! The poor little girl's had such a hard life...

Snake: Yeah... yeah... boohoo... This is why I never talk to you, Mei Ling.

(Mei Ling is switched with Otacon)

Snake: Otacon, you tell me about knife girl here.

Otacon: She may look human, but actually, she's a painting brought to life.

Snake: ... A lifeless portrait, suddenly getting up, and interacting... that's a scary thought!

Otacon: ...Yeah...

Jameson Codec

J. Jonah Jameson: Think I might've heard a crazy rumor that Mary isn't human... show photos.

(Parker shows the photos to Jameson)

Peter Parker: I'd like $300.

Jameson: Girl with powers... you serious? Could get that as cheap as cheese and crackers in this tournament! The crazy rumor also says she comes from a haunted museum... Get there and bring me decent photos!

Parker: Yes sir.

(Cue montage of photos showing Parker screaming in Guertana's art gallery)

Jameson: That was fast.

Role in the Subspace Emissary

She appears in Subspace Emissary as a member of the Subspace Army, along with Dr. Robotnik, Irate Gamer, Toon Bison, Hitler, Toon Wily, Carlos Trejo, and Xerxes.

In Guertana Gallery, once the museum was cleared out, Hitler and Günsche came to investigate the energy source the Subspace Army was able to track. The energy came from the ??? World painting (the painting leading to the Fabricated World), which was slightly vandalized by Toon Bison. Hitler demands the energy to be released from the painting, as, moments later, Mary makes her entrance. Hitler, pleased by her Aryan appearance and the energy she might contain, makes her a member of the Subspace Army, even giving her a Subspace Cannon. While Hitler explained their plans, the childish Mary begins playing with the cannon, accidentally turning Hilter into a Trophy. Günsche revives Hilter, as he starts ranting while grounding Mary from the gun. Mary promises to behave, but Günsche then begins to drag her out, much to her discontent, alongside a slightly agitated Hitler.


  • Prior to the release of her moveset, Mary wasn't comprised of sprites. Rather, she was comprised of her in-game artwork and character portraits. This was supossed to give off the look of her being a piece of art rather than a normal person. This was until her moveset was revealed, where Ib (as well as Aya) were redesigned to be comprised of character artwork like Mary.
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