Mad Father is a freeware horror game created by Miscreant's Room made with the Wolf RPG Editor.

Franchise description

A young girl named Aya Drevis is living at home with her father Alfred Drevis and his assistant Maria. One night, Aya hears her father scream and finds her house riddled with corpses and other supernatural creatures. Aya decides to storm the house and look for him, all while encountering the horrors of what her father has really done.

Connection with Smash Bros Lawl

(Warning: spoilers ahead.)

Playable characters

  • Aya: The player character of the game, Aya is a young 11 year old girl who lives with her father. When exploring her mansion, she finds out that her unhinged father is the one who is making dolls out of people. In the game's true ending, she carries out her father's work. Aya is the 10th character of the Post-Frollo Summer Era in Lawl, armed with a chainsaw and supernatural creatures in combat.

Non-playable characters

  • Ogre: A mysterious man who sometimes appears to Aya and gives her advice. He appears in Aya's up special and Final Smash, and also appears in one of Aya's victory poses.


  • An unnamed stage based on the Drevis Mansion appears as a playable stage.