Konata Izumi


Lucky Star


Lucky Star (2003)

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl X




Defense (Hit & Run, Zoner)

Played by

Aya Hirano





Konata Izumi is one of the main characters of Lucky Star, and appears as the 3rd fighter in Lawl X.

Entrance - Walk

Konata walks. That's it.


Neutral B - The Caterpillar

Konata starts thinking about a Caterpillar, which appears in a Thinking Bubble next to her, and Tilting Down makes Konata drop it. If it drops on an enemy, it poisons him/her, and If it touches the ground, the caterpillar turns into a Slip Trap.

Side B - Mikuru Beam

Konata says "Mikuru Beam!" and shoots a laser straight-forward from her eye. It has a bit of startup lag, but it also has massive range and deals more damage the farther the enemy's away from Konata.

Up B - Spinning Kick

Konata does a leg spin and flies up. She can stay suspended with the power of Hurricane Kicking for as long as the player keep pressed the B Button. 

Down B - Drinking Milk

Konata will drink some milk, which restores 25% of her health. It has alotta lag while drinking though, so its best to use it far away from other opponents.

Final Smash - Cheerleading Army

A bunch of cheerleaders appear on stage to do a dance, one of which is Konata herself. Everytime someone is touched by a cheerleader, they receive an earth-shattering 10% damage. It ends with a final lunge from them all which is pretty powerful, 50% dams. Comparable to DK's Final Smash.

KOs Sounds

KO1: "Tea kah tachdah."

KO2: "Ee!"


ScreenKO: "Oooh~"


(Note: She talks in Japanese, these are the translations)

Down Taunt- (Disguised as Haruhi) "Welcome to our cafe, Master."

Side Taunt- "Timotei"

Up Taunt- "I'm sorry-"

Victory Options

(Note: These are also in Japanese, but no translations this time)

Victory 1: Konata says something in Japanese with her index finger pointed towards the losers.

Victory 2: Konata says something else in Japanese, making a "thinking" expression.

Victory 3: Leak Forward before performing a Heart-shape with her hands.

Lose: In the background looking stressed and upset over her loss, hands over her head.

Character Description

Konata is a hardcore otaku, she loves anime and adult video games, due to her father's influence. He buys adult games for himself, so she is able to play and enjoy them. In fact, when she became eighteen, Konata was overjoyed, since she could now go buy and play ero-games legally. In the anime, Konata constantly refers to or parodies several popular games, anime, and manga (such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu'utsu, and even DragonBall Z) to annoy Kagami. Her favorite franchise seems to be the Haruhi series, as she has many Haruhi figurines and decorations that makes her room, once went to the Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisō with her friends, and has "Hare Hare Yukai" and "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu" as her ringtones. Konata also has a surprisingly good and mature voice when she sings certain karaoke songs.

Despite her personality, Konata can be smart, but she hates studying; thus her grades are a bit uneasy. However, she is an expert in pulling an "all-nighter," frequently, (if not always,) getting the same grades as those who studied for a week. In contrast to her studying habits, she loves video games, to the extent that she can completely memorize the answers on trivia-based games. Occasionally, she feels the pressure and thinks about studying, but she never gets around to doing it.

Konata is surprisingly athletic, despite her personality and lifestyle.

Konata likes playing MMORPGs with her teacher, Ms. Kuroi. She often plays late into the night, hence why she tends to fall asleep in class, which makes her a frequent victim to her homeroom teacher, Nanako Kuroi. Ironically, Ms. Kuroi was also part of Konata's team in the same game and constantly nags her online and in real life about her grades and homework.


Game Grump Codec

Danny: Well, you’re the anime expert. Know who this it?

Arin: That’s Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.

Danny: I can’t quite tell how old she is. Is she like 10 or something?

Arin: She’s 17.

Danny: Get the fuck out of here, Arin!

Arin: She also shoots fucking laser beams from her eye, so watch out for that.

Danny: Th-This is so weird...



Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Konata

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - Konata

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