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Fairly Odd Parents

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Smash Bros. Lawl Nova

Crocker is an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros Lawl Nova. When summoned, Crocker will use his giant net to try and trap opponents. If he catches someone in his net, he will gain armor that holds the powers of the character he trapped, keeping them contained. He attacks about three to five times before disappearing, releasing the character. If he doesn't catch anyone after ten seconds, he disappears.

Effect Origin

In the TV Movie "Abra-Catastrophe!", Crocker wishes thanks to the magic muffin to have a magical butterfly net so he can capture Timmy's fairies. When he catches Wanda, he builds an armor powered by her magic, being able to use fairy magic with a staff. This is why in Lawl Nova, once he catches someone and gets his armor, he copies the abilities from that character.

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