Angry German Kid (Leopold Slikk)


Der Echter Gangster videos/various worlds in videos created by AGK parody makers


Der Echte Gangster videos

Appears in

Smash Bros. Lawl X



Played by

Leopold Slikk


Powahouse (Glass Cannon, Zoner)




Jake Randolf

Moveset Musik

To Be Added

Angry German Kid, real name supposedly Leopold Slikk, is a popular german internet phenomenon. He's the 5th fighter in Lawl X.

Coming from a background of (presumed) abuse, Angry German Kid joins the Lawl server with a pack of hard-hitting tools to show the opponents who's the real "gangster" around here.

Entrance - GET UP

Leopold gets up from the ground while saying something.


Neutral B - Screamer

In a similar (VERY similar) style to Hitler's Angry Rants, Leopold yells at the opponent. The main difference is that the yelling is overall stronger at the cost of having longer attack-lag. You can hold B to make him yell with more power, causing more damage into the opponent. Pressing B will just make a normal yell.

Move Origin

In his original "Angry German Kid" video, Leopold yells at his computer, due to either slow loading, or getting killed on the game he was playing.

Side B - Bottles and Knifes

Leopold can throw either an empty alcohol bottle (Which stuns), or a knife (Which hurts).

Move Origin

The move comes from two shootout Echter Gangster videos. The bottles come from Die Mörderische Jagd, where Leopold is seen living on the streets drinking alcohol, but realizes it is empty and throws it at the wall. The knife comes from Die Mörderische Jagd 2, during the fight between Leopold and "Jake". When Jake is about to finish off Leopold with a gun, Leopold finds a knife and throws it at him.

Up B - The Power of the Keyboard V1.0

Leopold flies using his keyboard, from unkown logic for up to 10 seconds. You can use the controller stick to control the keyboard. The keyboard protects AGK from below and can make Leopold fly in any direction. If the player wants him to stop flying, you can press B (or it stops when he gets hit)

Move Origin

The move is from an AGK parody video, where Leopold uses his keyboard to fly and chase a truck.

Down B - Cola Trinken

Leopold puts a Coca Cola bottle on the floor, puts Mentos inside of the coke to test if it works, and then the Coke splashes into his face. The opponent can receive damage either from the Coke splashing above or getting shoved by Leopold's backside.

Move Origin

In one of his videos, Leopold tests the "Coke and Mentos" trick and it works, splashing the Coke on his face.

Final Smash - Anger Issues

Leopold gets extremely angry, takes his keyboard, and starts heavily-bashing any opponent nearby, afterwards finishing them off with a final strike with the keyboard. It's very difficult to survive the attack, but the player can avoid it easily.

Move Origin

In the original "Angry German Kid" video, Leopold gets killed by an opponent in the game he was playing, he gets extremely mad and smashes the keyboard with heavy force, destroying it, then leaves the room very sadly.

KOs Sounds

KOSFX1: "Whaaaaaa!"

KOSFX2: "Auuuugh!"

Star KOSFX: "Hwoooooooooooooooooooooah!"

Screen KOSFX: "Augh!"


Down Taunt- *Does the sign of the horns and screams.*

Side Taunt- *Singing the sentence "Here we go" in German.*

Up Taunt- "Yo homie!" *Then the rest is unable to be transalted*

Victory Options/Losing Pose

  • Victory #1: "Der Echter Gangster! Yeah!"
  • Victory #2: Is seen in an afro and sunglasses, shaking his head up and down, like in his "Mundmusik" video.
  • Victory #3: "Der Echter Gangster is BACK! In the hood. Yeah."
  • Victory #4 (only against Hitler) Laughs at the screen, saying something in German which is parody-subtitled as "Wow Hitler, you suck!".
  • Losing: Sitting in a coat and jeans, looking sadly at the winner.

Character Description

The Angry German Kid, real name supposedly Leopold Slikk, is a popular german internet phenomenon. One of his most popular videos, where he is playing a video game (supposedly Unreal Tournament) but dies in the game and gets slow loading on his computer, which causes him to break his keyboard in rage. Additionally, "Leopold" makes other videos where he calls himself "Der Echter Gangster" (The Real Gangster in English), where he does many random things such as playing cards with stuffed animals, in a shootout in various abandoned places, or hanging out with his friend, supposedly named Jake.

The original video first started off with Leopold getting on to his computer desk, shoving a huge amount of CDs and various other things off of the desk so he could put his keyboard on. Leopold then starts complaining about slow loading for a game he is playing, and starts banging on the keyboard. After this, many pros and cons come to Leopold. The loading finally stops, he gets killed in the game, then starts banging on the keyboard, but losing the Escape Button, which causes him to be sad and he then desperately looks for it and finds it. He then is shown to be very good playing the game, but when he gets killed again, the boy can take it no more, Leopold starts destroying the keyboard, throwing it, then leaves the room in despair.

Game Grump Codec

Arin: Well, there’s the Angry German Kid.

Danny: Huh. I would have thought that guy would be in his twenties by now.

Arin: I mean, if the guy running this tournament can go different worlds, who’s to say they couldn’t travel through time as well?

Danny: Arin, this whole thing is starting to sound like a weird sci-fi movie.

Arin: Hey, I’m not the one that’s completely blue and flying on keyboards thought, am I?

Danny: Point taken.


Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - AGK

Smash bros Lawl X Character Moveset - AGK

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